London Wrestling Studio

London Wrestling Studio

London Wrestling Studio is a place of definate intensity. Among its members is a variety of very fit, well trained attractive ladies who can definately take you to task. London Wrestling Studio is of the premiere venues for mixed wrestling and catfights too. Mixed Wrestling sessions are available 7 days per week. LWS also features a series of live wrestling events.

London Wrestling Studio is located just minutes from Marylebone Station. Visitors will be met at the station by a female guide who takes them to the studio. This is particularly helpful for out of town visitors and also increases the excitement. The studio itself is spacious and well appointed. It features a variety of padded areas for matches as well as a full sized ring. It is discrete and welcoming featuring a shower and refreshments (which you will need after your match!).

London Wrestling Studio is also a destination for some of the world's most renown session wrestlers. They enjoy a variety of assistance from LWS while they are in London.

Should you dare to challenge the women, they are more than willing to take you to task. They are specialists in...

fantasy and semi-competitive wrestling, 2 on 1, roleplay, martial arts, smothering, trampling, foot worship, one-sided noncompetitive boxing, female vs female, lift and carry, arm wrestling, video

Contact Information:

07817 496603 - 7 days a week, 9AM-9PM