Your first session

Your First Mixed Wrestling Session

If you have never experienced a mixed wrestling session but have wanted to try, there are a few considerations that will help you have a most enjoyable time. Things to consider are the type of session, "type" of lady to wrestle and of course a few rules too.

Mixed Wrestling is Not Sex

While a mixed wrestling session is exciting, don't expect the lady to engage in sex before, during or after. It is quite simple and straightforward. Your wife, girlfriend or mistress is who you turn to for sex. For session wrestling, you go to a lady who is talented at wrestling. Session wrestling is all about control and in this case, giving that control to someone else.

Session type

The main categories of session are fantasy, semi-competetive and competetive. Fantasy is where the man offers little or no resistance. The lady wins every fall and remains in control throughout the match. In semi-competetive, you offer limited resistance and might even win a pin or two but over all, the lady prevails. In competetive, both the man and the woman work hard against each other for pins and submissions.

Respect boundaries

It is important for people to respect each other. No matter what type of session you chose, nobody wishes to see how macho you are. Beating up a woman is not acceptable under any circumstances. Be clear about what you wish for.

Choosing a wrestling partner

There are numerous ladies of great talent who do mixed wrestling sessions. Many are bodybuilders and can combine muscle worship along with the overpowerment of session wrestling. If you wish a fun session reminiscent of playful wrestling matches with young ladies like that of your college years, there are also beautiful women who specialize in just this sort of encounter. And for something more vigorous, a lady who is very large and or skilled in martial arts can take you to task in a competetive session. There are also plenty of women who are dominatrixes that engage in mixed wrestling. They are accustomed to combining holds such as face sitting, slapping and other traditional domination techniques with wrestling.

Thinking about what you like

That is really the key. As an example, if you are interested in intense overpowerment, a dom who is larger can often give you just the session you are thinking of. Some women also specialize in techniques like scissors or pins and naturally gravitate to towards those holds. Pretty much whatever you are considering, there is the ideal wrestling partner for you. And don't forget to try new things. By so doing, you will find just what it is that you like about mixed wrestling.