getting started in mixed wrestling

Getting Started in Mixed Wrestling

Mixed wrestling is a physical challenge which pits a man and a woman against each other. It has been popular for a long time and continues to gain in popularity. Important is to know about the different types of sessions and with that, what is right for you. Knowing the expectations of both involved brings about an enjoyable session for both.

Fantasy wrestling

This where the man offers essentially no resistance and the lady puts him a series of holds and pins. The woman is tying up the man in a succession of scissors, headlocks or sitting on top of him. What is necessary for fantasy wrestling pretty much comes naturally and no real experience or training is necessary.


In semi-competitive wrestling, the man tries to escape the holds and pins he is placed in. The man might win a fall or pin, but the woman is still well in control. The man might catch the woman in a hold but the woman will break it or escape.

Competitive mixed wrestling

In competitive, both the man and the woman do their best to win each fall and or gain a submission. This involves the full range of techniques from wrestling or ground fighting elements of martial arts such as BJJ.


Fantasy wrestling is quite easy and something just about any woman can do. Applying head locks, sitting on the man's chest, etc. comes naturally to most women. It is good to have some thought as to holds that you will apply. For semi-competive, a decent level of fitness is of benefit. While the man is loosing, it is understood that in this type of match, he will offer some resistance. Strength and or aerobic trainging comprise a good preparation. For competitive wrestling, substantial traning and fitness is imperative. Many ladies who offer competitive have a background in BJJ, judo, MMA, boxing or other martial arts and train regularly.

What to expect

No matter what, there is contact and you might get an injury such as a bruise, twist, etc. Even in fantasy wrestling, there is still rolling around, headlocks, etc. It is unlikely but still a possibility. In semi-competitive, matches, the man might win a round by sitting on top of you or gaining a submission. Certainly stick to fantasy wrestling if this is not something you are up to. Some men will want techniques such as face sitting. To accomodate that or not is up to you and important to be upfront. Women generally wear bikinis or swimsuits. A domme who wrestles might be wearing leather, etc. Fantasy or semi can be combined with role play where specific clothing requests are relevent and made. Again this up to you and should be decided before hand if there is a specific attire/role play element.

What to charge

The industry rate for a session is $300 US dollars. You will see some variance according to economic conditions or level of skill. There are some leading session wrestlers who offer full competitive or have unique qualities such as unusual height who can command more. There are also ladies who have celebrity from bodybuilding, a well known dominatrix, etc who can charge more than the industry average.

Specific Preparation

If you have never wrestled before, fantasy is of course the level at which to start. Some women will stage some matches with their friends in order to get used to it. A good idea is to also practice escaping holds. Have someone place you in scissors, headlocks, etc and work to escape. Also have someone (preferably bigger) sit on your stomach and pin your arms, then work to escpae. Knowing that you can escape holds will build confidence. It is also a good idea to have a website which delineates the type of sessions you offer as well as some images of you posing and wresting. Once you get going, you will build a following and it might make sense to offer video via clips4 or a member's area.

Sessions are a great way for adventuresome ladies to have some fun and earn additional income. If you are at least mildly fit, know some holds, and like to be in control, sessions might be just right for you.