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You Stole My Belt

Amanda should have just given Kitty the belt, instead Kitty crushes her belly under her sexy ass!

Boss Battle

Mia confronts Kitty at the beach, but finds herself flattened beneath Kitty who crushes her belly!

Fashion Battle

Amanda insults Kitty's style, then finds herself flat on her back with the bigger Kitty crushing on her stomach.

More Than She Could Chew

Kitty pisses off the bigger Savannah, who takes her down and sits on her stomach.

Girl Boss Gets Pinned

Sylvia flattens Mia for not casting her by sitting her cute ass fullweight on Mia's belly.

Stop Squirming!

That bitch Sylvia would't pay me the $20 so I sat on her stomach and made her squirm under my weight!

Get Off Me Stupid Bitch!

That bitch Sylvia wanted to get me back and sure did so! She sat her ass right on my stomach and wouldn't stop crushing me.

You Cut Me Off!

Sylvia shouldn't have cut off Mia in traffic. Mia takes her down and sits her cute ass on Sylvia's belly and has a word with her.

Don't Give Me the Finger!

Tall sexy Olga finds herself flat on her back with Kate sitting her sexy ass on her stomach after she gives the smaller girl the finger.

Superheroine Catfight Stomach Sitting Pin

Wicked Kate is buxom, fit and very sexy. But she is not a match for Bat Girl, who takes her down and sits full weight on her stomach.

Catfight in the Woods

Marilyn and Caroline are having a nice afternoon relaxing the woods by the lake on a hot summer day. But the discussion leads to differences between them and catfight erupts. With chokes, head locks, rolling around and pins, they battle it out until one has had enough and is soundly defeated.

Viper vs Dynamo

Viper and Dynamo are quite talented and share a desire to win. Here the two comrades take each other on in a friendly but determined catfight in the ring. Find out who submits.