Jill Lauren - Belly Punching and Catfighting

Jill Lauren Looking for Female Boxing Opponents

Jill Lauren has an amazing talent... she can take a powerful punch to the stomach. She can also throw a stong blow in return. Jill Lauren has been treating her fans to a steady stream of belly punching encounters for some time. Jill has gone up against many other women including Vanessa Harding, Kris Kare, Alex DelMonaco in catfights, wrestling matches and of course belly punching contests. By no means has Jill has won all of the fights she's had... she has even taken some pretty intense poundings by other women in a number of catfights. But Jill always gives it her all.

Now Jill has moved to Clearwater, Florida, just 15 minutes from the Tampa International Airport and she is looking for new opponents. Specifically she is looking to find a women her size for boxing matches. Of course she is also interested in finding other women for catfights too. Fighting with Jill is also a way to earn money as her webmaster pays generously. Most importantly, win or lose, you will have a fun time.