Amazon Hanna

Amazon Hanna is an imposing woman in every regard. Certainly leggy and beautiful, standing 6'2" and weighing 185lbs, it is easy to miss the ability she posseses. Hannah is well versed in jiujitsu and can bring about a series of totally inescapable holds. Combined with her high level of fitness, you will be defeated... trapped in inescapable scissors, twisted in a variety of pretzel like shapes or flat on your back with Hannah sitting on top of you as she enjoys her victory over you.

If you enjoy a fun session with an interesting and beautiful blonde amazon goddess, Hannah is not to be missed.

Amazon Hanna specializes in...

semi-competitive wrestling, competitive jujitsu on mats with a Gi, physical overpowering, domination wrestling, grappling, fantasy wrestling, tickle wrestling, grappling, BJJ, judo, scissors, boxing, kick boxing, competitive strength challenges, domination, role play


Las Vegas

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