San Franciso mixed wrestling

Arianna Realis

Arianna Realis is very attractive and petite at 5'5" and 130lbs. But her looks are very deceiving. Arianna is extremely fit and active... she rides her bicycle everywhere and does yoga and other strengthening exercises each day. She also has amazing, cat like reflexes along with a long history of wrestling.

Arianna began wrestling with her siblings. And 5 years ago, she began more formal training in mixed wrestling. She has also been professionally trained as a physical actor which included a training in flexibility and internal muscular strengthening. Her conditioning and training has made for quite a powerful combination for wrestling sessions.

Says Arianna, "I really enjoy getting competitive in such a fully physical manner. I love to win, and if I am not winning, I do not easily give up. I even sometimes really enjoy losing, but not without putting up a fight. I am a dominant, yes, but do not include the BDSM, roleplay or related activities unless they have been specifically negotiated. I have a great sense of humor, and I delight in what I do."

Arianna is located in San Francisco, CA where she has a comfortable studio.

She specializes in...

Wrestling (competitive), Wrestling (fantasy), Wrestling (semi-competitive), Ball busting, Domination, Foot fetish, Muscle worship, Posing, Roleplay, Scissor sessions, Smothering/face sitting

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