Wrestling with Baby Blake

Baby Blake is definitely cute, sexy and oozes sweet southern charm. At 5'3" tall and 137lbs, some are easily fooled. She is however deceptively strong and naturally dominant. With her southern demeanor, Baby Blake will put you at ease... just before making you beg for mercy!

Baby Blake truly enjoys wrestling and she is quite effective at winning. Her background in kickboxing along with her strength enables her to overpower her opponents. You will find her leg scissors to be excrutiatingly strong. Bottom line is this. Underestimate Baby Blake and you will quickly find yourself flat on your back with her sitting on top keeping you hopelessly pinned, as she smiles down enjoying your defeat.

She also excels at role play... in fact, she loves to dress in sexy attire and provide creative scenarios as well as all fetishes.

Baby Blake wrestles in the Atlanta area and also travels.

Baby specializes in...

fantasy wrestling, semi-competitive wrestling, leg scissors, kick boxing, belly punching, face sitting, foot fetish, trampling, ball busting, role play and sensual dancing.

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