Britta Olsen of New York

Britta Olsen - session wrestler

Britta's beauty is obvious. So is her strength and ability. She is a true warrior in every sense, enjoying competition and achieving complete mastery over her opponents.

Standing at 5-8, and 145 pounds, her physique is to behold. Britta's dimensions are: biceps: 13" calves: 17" thighs:24" waist: 30" bust: 36". She has quite a mastery of holds and is agile in their application. Take her on and you will find yourself trapped in leg scissors, head locks, smothers and pins. You will lose.

She is located in:

Location: New York City - midtown Manhattan and Westbury Long Island

Britta specializes in...

fantasy wrestling, semi-competitive wrestling, competitive wreslting and domination

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