Indiana mixed wrestling Bunny Glamazon

Bunny Glamazon

Bunny Glamazon is the true essence of power. She is very tall, strong and attractive. Her wrestling skills are also world renown.

Bunny's raw power is legendary. Coupled with her size and mastery of holds, Bunny will truly dominate you. As a former dancer, Bunny has very strong legs. If you find yourself trapped in her scissors, you will not escape. She is also a master at manuevering her opponent onto to their back for a schoolgirl pin. The classic pindown is one of her favorite holds. When Bunny gets you down and sits on top of you, getting up will not be possible until she decides to let you up.

Bunny is 6'3" tall, weighs 230lbs and has a 42DDD chest.

Bunny specializes in...

fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, exotic dancing and domination

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