Dynamo - session wrestling

Dynamo of the UK

Dynamo's name says it all. She stands 5'4" tall and weights 126lbs and has a long history of defeating her opponents. Having attained a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and routinely working out for body pump, Dynamo is quite skilled. Some of the most menacing training comes from body combat and body attack session training.

Dynamo absolutely loves to wrestle. Her knowledge of arm bars, chokes and particularly scissors will be brought to bear if you take her on. And if you do, you might well find yourself the way so many other men and women have after going up against her... exhausted and flat on your back with Dynamo sitting on top of you with a look of total satisfaction. And there you will remain until Dynamo is ready to let you up!

Dynamo is located in London

She specializes in...

Fantasy Wrestling, Semi-Comp Wrestling, ballbusting, facesitting, pin and submissions including scissor sessions, role-play and light boxing

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