Hailey : wrestling and boxing

Hard Hit Hailey

One of the first things you will notice about Hailey is her profound beauty. At 5' tall, 109lbs, flowing chestnut hair and alluring green eyes, she looks like a fitness model. But underestimate her at your peril. Hailey packs a major whallop!

She has a uniquely high degree of fitness, strength and agility. Hailey has boxed competitively for 9 years and won 4 title fights. Take her on in some boxing and you will find her incredibly quick. She can easily duck punches and also deliver them from an amazing variety of angles with true power. Take it to the ground and you will learn of her complete mastery of holds. Sure she is smaller than you, but you will find yourself exhausted and defeated. If she chooses, you will be flat on your back with Hailey sitting on top of you lourding her victory over you. You have been warned.

She is based in Atlanta and travels to other cities and states.

Hailey is a specialist in...

semi-competitive wrestling and competetive wrestling, scissors, foot worship, muscle worship

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