mixed wrestling in San Franciso

Helen Von Mott

Helen Von Mott is a true living legend. She is a former stunt woman and has even wrestled for GLOW. Her athleticism and enjoyment of human contact sports has truly set her apart. She is amazingly strong and extremely talented. Helen has had extensive training practice in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a sport in which she has competed for a long time. She is one of the best BJJ women in the world. Her ability to over come opponents is awesome.

Her sessions reflect a great personality, enjoyment of other people and a love for competition. She can handle anything from fantasy matches all the way to full competitive. If you do engage her in a full competitive match, you had better be trained and ready with your best a-game.

Helen specializes in...

Wrestling (competitive submission style wrestling as well as playful, semi-competitive, and fantasy/domination type sessions)

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