Inferno - session wrestling

Inferno of the UK

The name "Inferno" doesn't just refer to her striking red hair. The name just as well speaks to the heat she brings to bear upon opponents. Inferno is a naturally gifted athlete and while fairly new to wrestling, she is no stranger to combat. She has 15 years of training in Tae Kwondo and a European championship win.

Inferno has been wrestling at Monica's Wrestling Centre and Pippa L'vinn's as well. Many women and men have found themselves screaming uncle when trapped in holds and pinned helplessly beneath Inferno after a thorough thrashing. No doubt Inferno is intensely attractive. But she is also deadly. You've been warned.

Stats: 5-7, 128 pounds, 36-27-34

Inferno is located in London

She specializes in...

Wrestling, semi-competitive, Fantasy and role play, Submissions, Pins, Light Boxing, Semi competitive Taekwondo, Ninjutsu. Scissor sessions, belly punching, ball busting.

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