Jennifer : Las Vegas mixed wrestling

Jennifer Sexy Muscle Girl

Jennifer is a beautiful woman with abundant strength and power! She stands 5'7" and weighs 140lbs. With black hair and hazel eyes, Jennifer is very striking. You cannot help but to notice her busty look with 36Ds and very sexy round ass.

She has trained very hard and has molded her physique into a vision of lean, feminine muscle. Jennifer also has a mastery of holds and cat like agility. She can put you in scissors that will make you pass out. Her submission holds are also dangerous. Take her on and you will likely find yourself flat on your back, exhausted and with Jennifer sitting on top of you. That is where you will remain until she is ready to let you up.

Jennifer specializes in...

sensual wrestling, fantasy wrestling, boxing, scissor holds, posing, flexing, tickling, domination. She also enjoys spanking, foot fetish, modeling and massage.

Located in... Las Vegas

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