Jessica Nova

Jessica has long been doing fetish work and as such, people often overlook her ability to dominate. She is very athletic and strong as a result of consistent weight training. Her legs are one of her most powerfull assets and trapped in them, there is no escape. Her experience with grappling and stamina make her a potent force. With her role play skills, take her on and you will find yourself flat on your back with Jessica sitting on top of you as she enjoys her victory.

Jessica also combines her experience in cosplay with her sessions. If you want to wrestle against Harley Quinn, or have Sailor Moon or Wonder Woman take you down and catch you in tight scissors, Jessica can make that happen!

Jessica is ready to work and is eager to iron out session details with you. Just send her an email to get going.

Jessia specializes in...

Fantasy and tickle wrestling, scissor sessions, belly punching, ballbusting, sleeper holds, fantasy boxing, girl girl wrestling, role play, beatdowns and muscle worship


Winter Park, FL

Contact Information:

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