Kordelia Devonshire - Illinois mixed wrestling

Kordelia Devonshire

At 5'9", 150lbs and with a model figure, many have been caught by surprise by Kordelia. A look at her does not suggest her athleticism and skill. Kordelia has abundant strength. She ran track, played basketball, managed the boys' basketball team, and was a bit of a bodybuilder in school. Wrestling is also in her blood. Her scissors will have you wincing in agony. Her love of wrestling stems from a natural dominant streak. Take her on and you will find yourself trapped in a variety of excrutiating holds or flat on your back starring in her face as Kordelia sits on top of you, keeping you unable to escape.

Located in Decatur IL

Rachel is a specialist in...

wrestling, semi-competitive, non-competitive, fantasy, belly punching, beatdowns, scissors, role-play, muscle worship, arm wrestling, facesitting, butt smothering, posing, ballbusting, domination

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