Miss Zara of the UK

Miss Zara

Miss Zara is definately someone to behold... Zara has long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes.. a real knock out! But you cannot let her good looks fool you. Zara is extremely formidable when it comes to combat.

Zara has a high level of strength and fitness. She is also quite talented at applying wrestling holds. She will use all of her abilities... headlocks, scissors, pins and flips.. to prevail. Zara has taken on both men and women (she has done a number of catfights where her opponent was helplessly pinned beneath her). In terms of sessions, Zara's philosophy is founded on safety and fun.

Miss Zara is located in Bournemouth where she maintains a studio equipped with mats for private fantasy and semi-competitive matches.

Miss Zara specializes in...

fantasy wrestling, semi-competitive, catfights and domination

Contact Information:

+44 (0)7884 272733