Nadia has a long history of defeating opponents. It began by taking on boys in the neighborhood. She'd trap them in bodyscissors and have them writhe in agony. Now she is grown up and a model. However she if even more dangerous, particulary when it comes to mixed wrestling. At 5'11" and 140lbs, Nadia has legs that are extremely powerful. She is: 34-26-38, biceps: 11", 21" quads and 14: calves.

Coupled with her lifelong natural tendency to dominate opponents, she can completely bend you at her will. If she decided to, Nadia could crack your ribs like they were toothpics. One of her favorite holds is the ankle choke. Nadia truly enjoys having men begging and gasping at her feet. Take her on and you will absolutely find yourself in a variety of painful predicaments.

Nadia specializes in...

semi-competitive wrestling, leg scissors, body scissors, ankle scissors, full nelsons, muscle worship


Warrenton, VA (a suburb of DC)

Contact Information:

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