Wrestling Safa Warda

Safa Warda

The first thing you notice about Safa is her unique beauty. But that is not all that is striking about her. Safa has a definite dominant streak and the power to back it up! She is very fit and standing 5'5" tall, her biceps measure 12.5", quads are 22.5" and calves are 13.5... all lean muscle. Her shapely legs are made for squeezing. Find yourself trapped in them, and you will be begging for mercy.

Safa has access to a ring that is perfect for mixed wrestling. She also travels and enjoys wrestling while touring. Safa makes sure there is enough room to wrestle.

Located in Chicago (Lake in the Hills), Safa is a specialist in...

semi-competitive wrestling, fantasy wrestling, boxing, slapping, scissors, pins (various), face sitting, role play, domination and kick boxing

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