Sarah Brooke

Sarah is new to session wrestling, but you'd never know upon watching her fight! At 5'4" tall and 118 lbs, her striking beauty is the first thing you notice. But she is also extremely fit and definately is no stranger to fighting. Sarah is a natural.

Sarah has a mastery of holds, is deceptively strong and posesses very fast reflexes. She can absolutely suprise you with her ability to trap you in leg scissors, arm bars and chokes. Many who have wrestled her found this out the hard way. Try to wrestler with her and you will too. Sarah has also proven herself in a series of real catfights. She has thorougly trounced many opponents who found themselves pinned flat and subjected to her painful torments.

Sunshine specializes in...

fantasy wrestling, semi-competitive wrestling, competitive wrestling (within reason on height/weight difference), leg scissors, boxing, strength challenges, beatdowns, lift & carry


Ft. Lauderdale

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