Florida Pan-Handle Wrestling

Sherry Stunns

Sherry Stunns is not only back, she is badder than ever! She stands 5'9" and now weighs in at a fit 155lbs with a 36J-28-36 figure. Don't let her beauty fool you or lull you into a sense of complaceny... she even more lethal and with her new physique, is made to smother!

A true veteran, Sherry has thoroughly defeated many many men and women. When it comes to wrestling and catfighting, she "stunns" her opponents.

Take her on and you will experience vice like scissors and strength sapping submission holds. Ultimately you will be exhausted and flat on your back with Sherry sitting on top of you. While in that predicament and with her new 36J-28-36 body, you will then learn what being smothered is all about!

Located in: Navarre, Florida (pan-handle area)

Sherry is a veteran of MWUvideos and Carolina Catfights.

Sherry specializes in...

semi-competitive, fantasy and dominant wrestling, domination, roleplay, posing, trampling and lift and carry

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