When it comes to wrestling, Sunshine brings a lot of light and intensity! At 5'5" tall and 115lbs with brunette hair and green eyes, her beauty is what knocks you out first. But then her strength and stamina knocks you out right after. Having spent years working with various producers, she learned much about wrestling along the way.

Sunshine can easily tie you up with powerful leg scissors, have you writhing in an arm bar or apply her choke hold from which there is no escape. Take her on and you will find yourself exhausted and on your back with Sunshine sitting on top of you, enjoying her victory!

Sunshine has a great personality and a willingness to accomodate her session opponent. Show her deserved respect and you will enjoy a spirited and fun wrestling session.

Sunshine specializes in...

fantasy wrestling, semi-competitive wrestling and various female domination (belly punching, foot, tickling, humiliation, wedgies, whipping, etc).


Tampa area

Contact Information:

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