Session Wrestler Sybil Starr

Sybil Star

Have you ever seen the girl next door and wondered if she could take you in a fight? Sybil Starr is ready to answer that question for you. She is very attractive but don't let her looks fool you. Sybil is strong, agile and has trained extensively in Ju Jitsu and grappling. She is the quintessential cute girl next door but is the rare one that take you down.

Sybil loves to fight and has been doing it for almost all of her her life. She loves to be in charge and fighting is an outlet for her to do just that.

Sybil is available for...

Wrestling, Boxing, Judo semi-competitive, fantasy, dominant, pin versus submission, scissors sessions, footworship, trampling, spankings, humiliation, facesitting, and catfighting

Contact Information:

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