mixed wrestling :. Talisa

Talisa of Los Angeles

Talisa is a sexy, naturally busty blonde with a feminine soft-spoken style. But she is also quite fit. Her legs are very powerful and make for perfect weapons when it comes to wrestling... the scissors she can put on you are truly strength sapping. Her sweet style is always in play, even when you find yourself flat on your back with Talisa pinning you down.

Talisa is located in Los Angeles, near Westwood.

She specializes in...

Wrestling (Fantasy/Fetish, sensual, dominant, pin versus submission, etc.) , role play, scissor sessions, Belly Punching, Humiliation, Sensual Domination, Fetish Work, Face Sitting, no lift and carry

Contact Information:

1-800-863-5478 extension 0332892 (nite flirt)