Ohio Mixed Wrestling with Lisa

Lisa of Toldeo and Dayton Ohio

You by looking at her 5'0", 140lb. frame, that Lisa is a fantastic session wrestler. She truly enjoys wrestling. Lisa is not into catfighting or overly agressive combat. But she doesn't just play-roll-around either. She likes to test herself and you. Her style is based on fun and good natured competition.

Lisa wants to make sure both you and she have a fun time wrestling and takes care to make certain that happens. Lisa is also quite accomodating when it comes to attire. Whether its my sexy lingerie, schoolgirl outfit, topless, semi-nude or totally nude, I wrestle to bring both our fantasies to reality.

Lisa is located hour south of Toledo and an hour and a half north of Dayton.

Lisa specializes in...

roleplay/age play, sgp sessions, upper thigh head scissors, figure four grapevines, face sitting, fanny pressing/forced worship.

Contact Information:

Lisa'a Yahoo Group