Vapor is a true and serious grappler. While very attractive, for her it is not about glam or kink... its about the enjoyment of wrestling. She has abundant strength and stamina. Working as a fitness instructor has built this within her. Even more so, she has four years of solid BJJ training and competition.

Vapor's legs are very strong and with them, she delights in trapping an opponent in a triangle. Just as much, she finds the rear naked choke to be an effective and enjoyable finishing move with which to prevail over an opponent.

If you similarly enjoy wrestling and doing so with a woman who is capable and talented, you will like meeting Vapor.

Vetty specializes in...

fantasy, semi-competitive, light-semi competitive, and competitive (this one will be case by case basis), mild arm wrestling

Located in... Newport News Va./ Hampton Roads

Contact Information:

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