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Wrestling MILF

Wrestling Milf is a very feminine and beautiful woman. But she is also quite powerful. Her days has as a body builder have given her tremendous strength and stamina. At 5'9" tall and 150lbs, she has 24" thighs and can do leg press reps with 750lbs! She also has an innate ability to apply immobilizing holds with agility and finality. People have taken on her on have consitently run out of steam while she is able to dish out more. They also speak of her ability to make an opponent tap out.

With her bright, fun loving personality and physical ability, Milf can and does provide a great semi-competitive and light style match.

She is based in Roanoke and wrestles locally.

Wrestling Milf is a specialist in...

ligth and fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, scissors sessions, posing (no sex)

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