Zoe Grappling


Zoe is a naturally dominant lady who enjoys imposing her will onto opponents. Take her on in any way, and you will have a sitution on your hands! She is extremely strong and can place you into a variety of pretzel like holds, wearing you down until you ultimately find yourself exhausted and pinned flat.

Zoe has been doing sessions for over a year, and she is a very quick learner. She has a great personality and cares that you have the session that you arranged. Certainly not a clock watcher, Zoe enjoys what she does and it shows.

Located in: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (hosts in Greensburgh, PA.. will travel to Pittsburgh)

Zoe specializes in...

semi-competitive wrestling, pro-style grappling, arm wrestling, fantasy and one sided boxing, leg scissors, domination, trampling and lift and carry

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Travel Schedule:

State City CountryDate Begins Date Ends
MissouriSt. Louis01-16-201601-18-2016
MissouriKansas City01-18-201601-19-2016
Nebraska Omaha 01-19-2016 01-20-2016
Colorado Denver 01-20-2016 01-21-2016
Wyoming Cheyenne 01-21-2016 01-22-2016
Utah Salt Lake City 01-22-2016 01-23-2016
California LA 01-24-2016 01-26-2016
California San Diego 01-26-2016 01-27-2016
Arizona Phoenix 01-27-2016 01-28-2016
New Mexico Albuquerque 01-28-2016 01-29-2016
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 01-29-2016 01-30-2016
Texas San Antonio 01-30-2016 01-31-2016
Texas Amarillo 01-31-2016 02-01-2016
Texas Dallas 02-01-2016 02-02-2016
Tennessee Memphis 02-02-2016 02-03-2016
Tennessee Knoxville 02-03-2016 02-04-2016
West Virginia Charleston 02-04-2016 02-05-2016
Maryland Baltimore 12-22-2015 12-23-2015