Amazon Nicky Mixed Wrestling

Amazon Nicky

Amazon Nicky isn't called "amazon" on a whim, she is big and very powerful. At 5'5" tall, Nicky weighs 172lbs (78kg) and has 15" biceps (40cm) and massive quads. She has been competing as a heavy weight for over 4 years now.

Nicky has natural wrestling skills and has trained in Judo. Her strength and mastery of holds makes for a powerful combination. If you find yourself pinned or trapped in her scissors, you will know Nicky's power.

Nicky specializes in...

light to competive wrestling. fantasy wrestling, armwrestling, muscle worship, lift & carry, muscle domination and role play, s&m, facesitting, erotic

Contact Information:

0177/3888114 Join My Yahoo Group!