FBB Mixed Wrestling

Cindy Muscles

Cindy is a true, pure bodybuilder. She has won many bench press contests and routinely works out with 90lb. dumbells. Cindy can squat 415lbs. leg press 1200lbs and bench 330lbs. When it comes to wrestling, her power is a total asset. While standing 5'2", she is extremlely effective at taking down an opponent and overwhelming. When Cindy pins you, that is how you'll stay until she is ready to let you up.

From Cindy,
"I am interested in doing non-competitive wrestling, muscle worship ,etc. please be serious about contacting me and also if you want an appointment and decide to cancel to please email me to let me know in advance. That is all I ask for is common courtesy."

Cindy specializes in...

non-competitive wrestling and body worship

Contact Information:

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