Jasmine Ming

Jasmine Ming is a beautful and accomplished female bodybuilder. Years of training and molding her body has brought Jasmine to high pinnacle in female bodybuilding. She also has a fun dominant steak and uses her sculpted body quite effective.

Jasmine is open to and enjoys light, fun wrestling. She loves to apply wrestling holds in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere. Her legs are truly something to behold and Jasmine is quite effective at using them to apply scissor holds. Her power becomes quite clear when she has you in her scissors. Jasmine particularly enjoys muscle worship and leg/calf worship as she is well known for her leg and calf muscles.

Light domination, face sitting and role play scenarios are all within Jasmine's roster.

Jasmine specializes in...

light fantasy wrestling, scissors, face sitting, muscle worship, leg and calf worship


5-2 122 pounds contest/148 offseason



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