Female Bodybuiler Milena Tevilova

Milena Tevilova

Milena is a very accomplished bodybuilder who is a force to be reckoned with on the competition circuit. She has won many trophies and will doubtless continue to win many more. So far, her wins include 2nd place in the WFF World Championship -CHRYSOPOLI KAVALA-Women's -Superbody. Milena shares her expertise and devotion to bodybuilding with others as a personal trainer.

Milena is 172cm tall, weighs 77kg (competition), 88kg (non), has 42cm biceps, 117cm chest, 76cm waist and 63cm quads.

You will also find Milena to be a highly skilled session wrestler. She has quite a mastery of technique with a large repetoire of holds. One of her favorites is to pin her adversary. If you take her on, you will certainly find yourself on your back with Milena sitting on top of you. She will be smiling and looking your eyes until she's ready to let you up. Milena is also available for non-topless wrestling and catfight events. When competing against other women, her opponents find themselves meeting the same fate... imobilized with Milena sitting heavily on top.

Milena is also a very effective personal bodyguard.

She is available for:

competitive wrestling, semicompetitive wrestling, fantasy wrestling, erotic wrestling, muscle posing, role play, arm wrestling and oil wrestling

Milena is based in Sofia Bulgaria and does tour.

Contact Information:

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