Rapture is a truly imposing woman in every regard and stands 5'10", weighs 165lbs of rock hard muscle, with 14" biceps, 24.5" quads and 15.5" calves. She is truly beautiful and also very deadly. She has been training all of her life as well as trouncing her brothers and boyfriends in wrestling matches.

If you take her on, you will experience what it is like to be trapped in truly incapacitating leg scissors. With her agility and power, Rapture can place you in multiple debilitating holds. If she decides to pin you, you will be on your back with Rapture sitting on top of you. Try as you might, she will be staying on top enjoying your futile struggling.

Rapture has a great personality and likes to know what type of session you are interested in. She is very responsive to emails. Some info about yourself and a reference is appreciated.

Rapture also enjoys and excels at creating custom video. Send her an email to: rapturesfetishplayground@gmail.com for more info.

Rapture specializes in...

school girl pins, fantasy sensual and sem-competitive wrestling, domination, belly punching, trampling, smothering


Las Vegas

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