Raquel Rider : bodybuilder and wrestler

Raquel Rider

Raquel is a very powerful and very fit woman. She has long been involved in fitness and athletics. She is an amatuer competitive bodybuilder and fitness instructor. Raquel is also highly competitive, having spent years in softball, tennis and track & field. Her competitive nature absolutely extends to direct combat as well.

At 5'4", 165lbs and 39DD-31-41, she sports 12" biceps, 15" calves and can do a 900lb leg press. She brings her strength and high level of fitness to bear on her opponents. Many have found themselves hopelessly trapped in her vice like scissors, twisted into pretzel like shapes or immobilized in a pin staring into Raquel's face as she sits atop their chest and smiles in victory. Take her on and you too will experience her power.

Location : Fairfax/Arlington VA and available to: DC, Maryland Virginia and West Virginia

Raquel specializes in...

semi-competitive, fantasty wrestling, domination wrestling, oil wrestling, arm wrestling, boxing, scissors, face sitting, belly punching, muscle worship and lift & carry

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