She Hulk

She Hulk is a beautiful lady and fitness enthusiast. Dedicated to health and training, she has been an IFBB Women's Physique Pro since November 2014. She Hulk brings a positive, friendly attitude to everything she does, which serves to motivate and excite those around her.

Long experienced in the fetish side of things, she can also bring some serious ability when it comes to wrestling. Her leg scissors will have you writhing in futile effort to escape. Coupled with her stamina and mastery of holds, you will find yourself exhausted and flat on your back with She Hulk sitting on top of you as she enjoys her victory. There you will stay until she is ready to let you up.

Specializes in...

semi-competitive and fantasy wrestling, scissors, role play, posing, domination, lift and carry, muscle worship


5-5" 160 lbs, 1983, Biceps: 16 inches, quads:25 inches calves:15 inches Best lifts: deadlift: 440lbs, squat:430lbs, bench:250lbs



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