Los Angeles mixed wrestling :. Xeena


Xeena is 170lbs. of sexy, exotic Brazilian muscle! One of her most striking features are her thighs. They are 26" and with them, she can squat 495lbs. Xeena can also use them to trap you in truly inescapable scissor holds. Once she has her scissors on you, you are without hope of wriggling out and will stay there until Xeena is ready to let you free.

Xeena also enjoys flexing and posing. If you are good, she may let you touch and kiss her impressive muscles. But she wishes that all respect that she offers no sexual favors. Treat her with respect and she will do the same.

Xeena specializes in...

fantasy wrestling, scissors sessions, muscle worship, light domination lift and carry, posing and flexing, breath control

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