lingere catfight

Echo vs Jaimie

Echo and Jaimie have quite an intense catfight brawl. The blonde is heavier and stronger but Jaimie was not going to back down. Her pride is admirable but not enough to win. Echo takes her to the gound and they struggle against each other with leg scissors. Jaimie grabs a lock of Echo's blonde hair in an attempt to gain advantage. While hair pulling is a common catfight tactic, this only served to enrage Echo. The blonde flipped Jaimie onto her back and sat atop her stomach, then she taught Jaimie what hair pulling is all about! Jaimie tried to buck the heavier woman off of her but to no avail. With Echo firmly sitting on her belly, Jaimie's hair was pulled in many painful directions. She finally screamed out her surrender.

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