male vs female wrestling

Mouth Making Trouble

Vicky couldn't believe her ears.. Del was insisting that she couldn't really fight. Vicky had recently lost a catfight at the club getting two black eyes in the process. But here was Del making insinuations, even though she trashed him the last time. Seeing that she lost a battle seemed to have given him some misguided hope. While Del is stronger, he doesn't have the same agility or effectiveness at wrestling.

Vicky and Del lock up and Vicky immediately uses leverage and bears him down to the floor. On his back, Vicky traps his upper body with a cross body pin then a scissors. He tries to wriggle out sideways but Vicky scrambles, gets him on his back and traps his head with her knees. Vicky wanted to humiliate him so she flipped around and sat heavily on top of Del's stomach, kocking the wind out of him and controlling his arms. Del knew he was in trouble.

Vicky looked down into his face. She could have choked him unconcious if she wanted too but instead wanted to savor her victory and make Del admit he was beaten.