one sided catfight

Beaten by Gia Primo - catfight

Larrisa is a sexy Russian catfighter and while she has had some wins, she is still quite new. Perhaps being a little over confident, she challenges Gia Primo to a catfight. Gia is by no means new when it comes to catfights. Gia has prevailed over many women in catfight and has an extensive background in judo and karate.

Larissa gets Gia in a rear naked choke but it doesn't take long for Gia to turn the tables. She ties up Larrisa with body scissors, head scissors, reverse head scissors, cross pins, grapevines, armlocks, breast smothers, facesitting and sleeper holds. Larrisa learned the hard way to not triffle with Gia in a catfight.. at least not yet.




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