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Pinned Pervert

Mia flattens Del, sitting on his stomach.

Bare Pussy Stomach Sitting

Kitty sits fullweight on Del's stomach!

Beach Belly Chair

Savannah flattens Del, handcuffs him and uses his stomach as her chair!

Brutal Beach

Del is pinned flat with Olga's weight smashed into his belly!

Scissored in the Sand

Tall, athletic Olga wrestles Del to the gound and proceeds to tie and twist him up in her scissors.

Sat On in the Sand

Sexy and curvy Persephenie takes down Del in the surf and sits heavily on stomach, keeping him firmly pinned to the ground.

Pinned in the Park

Olga takes down and pins Del flat to the ground. She sits her 135lbs square onto his belly. Olga completely enjoys crushing him as her sexy ass sinks further and futher into his stomach.

Chest Flattening

Del simply cannot move and is even struggling to breath. Thats because Persephanie is sitting full weight on his chest!

Belly Pressure

Persephanie takes down Del and sits full weight on his stomach. She sinks further and further into his belly as she sits comfortably. If you appreciate stomach sitting videos, you will enjoy watching her apply her delicious pressure.

Belly Beach Beating

Victoria repeatedly takes down Del and uses her weight and strength to keep him pinned, bouncing on his stomach and chest.

Beating in the Woods Part #1

Marilyn unmercifully wrestlers Del down in a creek and gives him quite a thrashing! Plenty of wet bodies, thrashing and total defeat.

Beating in the Woods Part #2

Del thinks its over but he was wrong. With punches and take downs, Mariyn defeats him on a road.

Beating in the Woods Part #3

Marilyn is enjoying the warm summer day. After the sound thrashing she dealt him, she decides to linger by the lake but of course making Del her personal chair.

Beating on the Beach

Sue is an expert when it comes to applying an immobilizing school girl pin.

Pinned and Smothered

Carnel repeatedly takes down Del and sits on his stomach, chest and face.

Burglar Beatdown

Some burglars go to the wrong place. Here, Vicky beats down an infortunate burglar with punches and sits on top of him, keeping the hapless burglar pinned to the floor.

Heavy Stomach Bouncing - Stomach Sitting Pin

Jana traps Del on his back and sits her full weight atop his stomach. She then proceeds to bounce on top of his belly.