Beach Wrestling

Beating on the Beach - Mixed Wrestling School Girl Pin


Sexy and fit Sue is relaxing on the beach. She is 5'8" and a strong 135lbs. She is accosted by a thief who learns the hard way that Sue is not to be trifled with and is expert ast the school girl pin.

Sue jumps up and punches his stomach. She pursues him and pins him in the sand. Sue pins his arms with her knees and sits heavily on his stomach. She slaps his face, gives him jabs and bounces on his belly. You can hear the wind being knocked out him as she lands.

He manages to get away a couple of times but Sue wrestles him back down and sits on him again only to deliver more torment. The thief cannot believe he is being beaten by this very pretty woman but finding himself on his back and thoroughly pinned is a painful reminder. He learns that Sue is an expert at applying a heavy and very immobilizing shool girl pin.

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Runnning Time: 15 minutes
640x480 WMV
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