Beaten in a Creek

Mixed Wrestling Beating - Thrashed in the Creek

5 minutes
720x480 WMV
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Marilyn is certainly quite beautiful... but she is also very murderous. Del finds out this fact the hard way. On a hot summer day, Marilyn gives him quite a profound thrashing.

Marilyn knocks him down into a creek. She first squeezes his head between her legs. He uses considerable energy trying to break her grip. Then she puts him on his back and sits on his chest. He struggles to break free with lots of splashing but to no avail. Del does an admirable job trying to reverse the positions but is overpowered. For good measure, Marilyn works him over with some of punches to his face. This softens him quite bit, but she is not done.

Marilyn sits heavily on his stomach and chokes him. Del is very lucky the water was not deeper otherwise she might well have drowned him right in that creek!

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