Female Bodybuilder stomach sitting

Stomach Sitting - Mixed Wrestling School Girl Pin


Runnning Time: 3 minutes
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Del is strong, but not enough to keep from being overpowerd by 200lb female bodybuilder Jana who sits on his stomach.

Jane takes him down and gets him immobilized in a cross body pin. With her tying up his arms and laying across his chest, he cannot move. From there, Jana swings around landing heavily on top of him in a school girl pin. Del struggles to keep his arms free but Jana is too strong and gets control of his arms and pins them by his head.

Del struggles and bucks but cannot dislodge the 200 pounds of female muscle sitting on top of his stomach. Jana realizes that when he bucks, her weight causes Del to let out an "oomph" when she lands. Taking delight in this, she bounces her weight heavily on his belly. Her butt lands with a resounding smacking sound each time.

Jana truly enjoys the discomfort she is inflicting on Del as she bounces on his stomach. She smiles with every grunt and grimace he lets out.

If you've wondered what it is like to be overpowered, firmly pinned and subjected to very heavy and intense stomach sitting by a powerful female bodybuilder, this clip will show you just how it goes.

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