Pinned Pervert Stomach Sitting

Pinned Pervert Stomach Sitting

Del sees the sexy Mia lounging on the beach in her bikini. None could resist her long sexy legs and cute ass. But she catches him staring and Del quickly finds himself flat on his back with Mia sitting on his stomach and pinning his arms with her knees. He is completely immobilized by her weight bearing down his belly. Mia completely enjoys crushing him with her sexy ass and takes out her phone and live streams video of her mastery over him, phones her friends and rubs sun tan lotion on. While beach goers swim and walk their dogs, Del is publicly humiliated by the sexy lady pinning him down as her ass sinks further into his stomach. But has zero choice in the matter, as Mia decided for how long he will be sat on and she is enjoying it too much to get up anytime soon.

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Runnning Time: 14 minutes
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