Anna Kournikova Catfight

Tough Day at the Beach - Anna Kournikova Catfight

Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova was having a tough day on the court practicing. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the late night before. Regardless, she was glad when the day was done and it was time for one of her favorite ways to relax.. hit the beach and lay out at her favorite spot. Anna hit the shower, put on her bikini and with an athletic top and spandex pants over it, headed for the beach.

Upon arriving at the beach, Anna saw a big blanket sprawled out by the tree at her favorite spot. She kicked it out of the way and began spreading her own blanket down. Just about that time, the owner of the blanket, Beth, was heading back from the water after body surfing with her friends. Beth is a voluptuous college student on vacation from the Midwest. Standing 5’10” tall and weighing 165 curvaceous pounds, she looked stunning in her skimpy bathing suit.

Beth asked, "what do you think you are doing?"
Anna replied, "making room... what does it look like?"
Beth told, "you don’t have to be such a bitch" and began to collect her stuff.
Anna wheeled towards her and snapped, "who do you think you are calling a bitch?"
Beth told her, "I was talking about you but I'lll just move" and she turned to walk away.

Being in her bad mood, Anna grabbed her by the arm, spun her around and growled, "don't you ever call me a bitch".
Beth yanked her back and told Anna, "fuck off".
Anna sized up Beth and even though the Midwesterner was about 4 inches taller and 45lbs heavier, figured she could take her. Anna knew she was in much better shape. Anna hauled off and slapped Beth across the face. Beth was stunned and then Anna punched her in the stomach. Beth doubled over and Anna shoved her to the ground. Beth starred up in disbelief as Anna said, "don't you ever talk shit to me".

Beth wasn’t sure if Anna was going to do something else so as she got up, she put up her hands to protect herself. Anna took this as confirmation that it was on. She grabbed Beth by the hair and slapped her a couple more times. Beth got in a punch to Anna's eye, knocking her back. Anna was a bit stunned by the power of it. Anna collected herself, went in low and unleashed a flurry of punches knocking Beth back to the sand. By now a crowd had formed to watch the two seemingly miss-matched combatants.

Beth got back up and squared off. She swung at her blonde opponent with a wide, looping punch but Anna ducked it easily and landed a solid blow to Beth's soft belly. She then grabbed the string bikini that barely contained Beth's voluptuous body and used to sling her to the side. Beth ripped right out of it and landed into the sand, naked. She knew she'd have to change her tactics. The crowd was really enjoying the spectacle now.

Beth got her feet under and in one quick move, charged Anna tackling her to the ground. She landed heavily on top of her with all of her weight and Anna let out a grunt. Before Anna had a chance to recover, Beth positioned her hands on Anna’s shoulder to push herself up and then sat heavily on top of Anna's stomach. Anna let out an "uumph" as Beth's weight came crashing on top of her taught belly. Beth immediately began working to get a hold of Anna’s wrists. Anna knew if Beth got her arms pinned, she'd be in big trouble.

Anna braced her feet on the sand and tried to buck the naked woman off of her. But Beth had great balance. Anna tried a few more times to buck her off but each time, got the slam of Beth's weight landing on her. Beth by now had Anna’s wrist firmly in control and she managed to get them pinned to the sand. The tennis star couldn’t believe she was here on the beach with a naked woman sitting on top of her. As she laid there staring up into Beth’s face, she sneered, "get the fuck off of me". Beth looked down at the smaller woman, and reminded her, "you're the bitch who started this whole thing". Then added, "just don’t fuck with me" and stood up.

Anna was enraged as she sat up and saw the crowd standing there looking on. She jumped to her feet and rushed Beth. She got in another series of punches and now Beth’s nose was bleeding. Beth tried to shield her face but was no match for Anna’s speed. She tried to step back and tripped over a cooler landing on her back. Before she could recover, the Russian blonde pounced on her, sitting on high on Beth's chest, pinning her shoulders with her knees. Anna began to slap her face back and forth and Beth knew she was in trouble if she didn't get free.

Beth swung her legs up and managed to hook them around Anna's chest. Anna struggled to stay on top and felt her abs straining but she was no match for Beth's legs. Beth jerked Anna back into the sand and rolled her sideways. She untangled her legs and stood up. Anna started to get up but Beth dove on top of her once again. This time she wanted to make sure Anna would be done.

She sat down hard on Anna's belly, knocking the wind out of her. Beth started to slap Anna but she covered her face with arms. Beth grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the sand. For good measure, she bounced her weight onto Anna’s stomach a few more times with Anna letting out a grunt each time she did. Beth then pinned Anna’s arms to the ground with her knees and resumed the slapping, methodically slapping her face back and forth until it was beet red. Anna tried to buck Beth off of her but it was to no avail. Now Anna was completely drained as the bigger naked woman was sitting on top her of her.

Beth placed her hands on her hips as she continued sitting on top of the Russian tennis star. Beth looked down at Anna’s face and told her, "you really shouldn't have started this… now you look really stupid". Anna certainly felt stupid pinned to the sand with a naked woman sitting on her stomach. Beth told her, "now I am going to find a nice place to relax on this beach and if you dare bother me, I'll pin you again and beat you ten times worse”. With that she got up laughing with a cheer from the crowd.