Backyard Catfight

My Last Catfight

I was in a brief catfight this fall. Even though it didn't turn our quite as intended, I am not sorry I got into it. This had been brewing for some time and it seemed it just needed to happen. She kept on accusing me of having slept with her ex boyfriend. I am petitte, 5'6", 120lbs, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes.

I fought with Gail at a backyard get together with a "pig roast" theme. Lots of drinking and "hooting" and everyone was dressed to look western. I wore cut-offs, a checkered blouse, boots and a western belt. An appropriate setting for a catfight. Gail was dressed similarly. She is just a little shorter than me, but stocky and strong. She probably outweighs me by 50 pounds (well maybe not that much).

We started just pushing and shoving. People around started to break it up but we both told them to leave us be.

We began slapping at each other and I grabbed her hair and tried to pull her sideways. She gave me a punch to the stomach that was pretty jarring. I moved back away and we started circling each other. I grabbed her blouse and managed to get a solid slap against her face. I then grabbed her on each side of her had and was going to trip her. But she got another punch to my belly and this one was very strong with her weight behind it. It doubled me over and pretty much knocked the wind out of me.

Gail tackled me and we wound up on the ground. She got on top and pinned my wrists. We started yelling at each other and I tried to buck her off but couldn't. Gail was just too heavy. She continued sitting on my stomach while we yelled back and forth. It seemed like an eternity.

This went on until she pinned my arms with her knees and placed her hands on her hips. She looked quite satisfied. I would've given anything to have a free hand to smash her a good one. Instead, she started to belt me in the eye. At this point, our friends broke it up. I was glad.

I had to go to work for the next couple of days with black eye. The guys said it looked "sexy". Ya sure! See for yourself.....