catfight stories : blonde vs brunette

Bar Brawl Catfight : Blonde vs. Brunette

Victoria was having a bad night. Dressed to the nines, she found herself at the Scooter Doo throwing back Scotch after having a big argument with her boyfriend at the Press Club dinner. Victoria is a very attractive and elegant brunette in her mid thirties. She stands 5’5” and weighs in at a shapely 120lbs.

Tara was working tables that night and the tips were coming pretty slow. She knew it’d be hard for her to make rent and pay tuition if it kept up like this. Tara is a classic blonde girl next door. She was a gymnast in High School but since getting in to college has not had as much time to work out. Tara is taller than Veronica at 5’7” and weighs about 145lbs. Her work costume of a skirt and apron were pretty clean this evening as there had not been much to do all night.

As the night wore on, Veronica was really knocking back the scotch. As the drinks went down, so did her attitude. She started to get impatient with the staff and become argumentative with other customers. The bartender told her she had enough and this just made her worse. Victoria told him to “bite off” and he then told her to leave. Victoria flatly refused.

Tara came out of the back and told the bartender she would handle it. She turned to Victoria and said, “You really have to go. You have had enough”. Victoria sneered, “why don’t you make me you bitch”. With that Tara grabbed her arm to pull her off the bar stool. But Victoria slapped her with her free hand and sent Tara reeling back. Tara shouted, “so that’s how you want it!”. She charged at Victoria who was now standing. But Victoria was ready and as Tara closed in, Victoria side stepped and her flung her past. Tara went spilling to the floor landing on her stomach. Even though Victoria as drunk, she did not loose her coordination.

Tara got back up and the two women locked up. They began pushing, shoving and slapping at each other. Victoria did get in a surprise punch to Tara’s gut and then charged Tara bearing her to the floor. They rolled over a few times and Victoria managed to get seated astride Tara’s stomach. Tara couldn’t believe she was being pinned to the ground by this older and smaller lady. Tara knew she had to keep her hands free and slapped at Victoria to keep her from getting too comfortable. Once she seemed to focus her attention on grabbing her wrists, Tara planted her feet on the floor and strongly bucked upwards. This was enough to dislodge the woman from on top of her.

Tara jumped up and when Victoria started to climb to her feet, Tara was ready with a kick to her midsection. This caused Victoria to fall backwards. Tara lunged at her and they rolled over and over each other. This time, Tara got Victoria in a leg lock and squeezed with all of her might. Her legs are quite strong.

Victoria was struggling for all she was worth as she tried to twist and wrench Tara’s strong legs from encasing her. But the younger ladies’ thighs were just too powerful. Tara maneuvered Victoria onto her back and sat down hard the smaller lady’s stomach. Victoria let out an “oomph” as she did. She was running out of steam as Tara grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the floor. Victoria tried to buck off the heavier lady but couldn’t get the energy to remove Tara from sitting on her belly, nor could she get her arms free.

When she stropped struggling, Tara pinned Victoria’s shoulders with her knees and looked down at Victoria as she asked, “so who is the bitch now”? Victoria looked up and sneered, “get off me you bitch” which just made Tara start to laugh at her. Tara reached over the table right next to her and grabbed a half full pitcher and a bottle of beer. She l told Victoria, “you really need to cool off.. this is on the house” as she began to pour the beer over Victoria’s face and chest. Victoria sputtered and yelled, “GET THE FUCK OFF ME” as the liquid soaked her face and hair.

Tara continued sitting on her stomach and told Victoria, “I won’t get up until you apologize for acting like an ass”. Tara laughed and started slapping her back and forth and bouncing on her ass on Victoria’s belly. Victoria said, “OK! OK! You win. I am sorry you bitch”. With that Tara laughed and got up. Victoria stood and looked at Tara like she was going to resume. But she seemed to think better of it as she did not want to be pinned down for another beer shower. Victoria grabbed her coat, gave Tara the finger and walked out soaking wet and reeking of beer.