mixed wrestling story : Battle at the Bank

Battle at the Bank : Mixed Wrestling and Grappling

Jeff was a true chauvinist in every sense of the word. He treated the women at the bank very poorly. As head teller, one would think he was President of the US. Jeff would talk down to all of the ladies as if they did not have a brain in their head and constantly used words such as “toots”, “blonde” and sometimes “air head”. Jeff is not even that old. At 32 his attitude was a throwback to days gone by. But at 32, the 5’9” Jeff was beginning to show some paunch around his waist and wasn’t in the shape he used to be. Of course to Jeff with his arrogance, he is the next thing to Arnold Swarzenegger.

Beverly had only been at the bank for a week but she was glad. Bev had spent many years dancing at strip clubs and finally earned her Associates. Bev was certainly attractive. At 5’6” and 130lbs, with strong dancer’s legs and curly blonde hair, she was the kind of women you notice right away. At 35, she looked more like 25. Being at the bank was a break from the patronizing behavior she was so tired of at the clubs… or so she thought.

Right from the gitgo, Jeff was his usual insulting self. He wanted to get Bev used to the idea that he’d do as he pleased and was the boss in every way. Jeff went out of his way to make Bev feel dumb whenever something did not go right. He snapped at her and routinely called her “air head”. The other ladies at the bank assured her Jeff was just being himself and “do your best to ignore him”. But after about week, Bev had enough. If it meant going back to the club, that would be it.

It was Friday afternoon and Bev was trying to figure out how to get the computer to spit out a cashier’s check. She told the customer it was her first time doing it and the customer was patient and understanding. But Jeff charged up, apologized to the customer and shoved Bev out of the way with his hip. He finished the cashier’s check and apologized again to the customer. Once she was gone, Jeff turned to Bev and said, “you are such a buffoon, hot but mindless”. Bev told him, “shut your fat mouth or you are going to get a foot up your ass”. The ladies at the bank were shocked and so was Jeff.

After staring at her in surprise, he got a fat grin on his face and told her, “wow… so the brainless one is getting lippy”. Bev said she’d get a whole lot more, including the satisfaction of putting her foot up his ass. Jeff said, “I’ll give you the chance right now... come out side”. He did not think she had the nerve. They both went outside into the parking lot with the rest of the bank employees filing out behind them. Bev looked amazing in her skirt, blouse and heels, which she quickly took off upon getting outside.

Jeff said, “ok you dumb bitch.. give it to me.. I never hit a woman, at least not usually”, this is your free shot”. With that, Bev grabbed him behind the neck with both hands and gave him a knee right to the gut. Jeff was doubled over and the wind was knocked out of him. He should have left well enough alone but stupidly did not. After about 15 seconds, Jeff started to straighten up and as he did, he took a swing at Bev. She easily leaned out of the way.

Bev yelled, “I thought you won’t hit a woman”. Jeff blurted, “you obviously don’t count”. He took another swing at her and Bev ducked it and then caught Jeff with a sharp upper cut with all of her weight behind it. Jeff’s head snapped back and then she got him with a left hook. Jeff fell onto his ass quite stunned. He was thinking about giving it up but thought he’d have a better chance trying to wrestle with her. This time when Jeff got up, he rammed Bev and knocked her off her feet. He landed right on top of her and she was rather stunned. Bev knew she was much better at punching than wrestling and being on the ground was not her strong suit.

Bev managed to trap one of Jeff’s legs with both of hers and roll sideways. But Jeff got the momentum and landed back on top. He quickly moved up and sat down hard on Bev's stomach. She took some self defense classes at college but wrestling was not the focus. What little they did involved the ladies wrestling with each other, they never did cover what to do with a heavy man sitting on top. Bev fought to keep her arms free and knew she had to do something. But it wasn’t long before Jeff got control of her arms and pinned them to the ground.

Jeff looked down at her and began to laugh. Bev said, “yea.. some hee man.. you managed to wrestle a woman to the ground.. you ought to be real proud of yourself”. Jeff laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. He began to go off insisting Bev was too stupid to function at the bank and dancing at the club was all she was ever good for, if that. Seeing Jeff’s looming face and hearing his insulting words infuriated Bev. It gave her a charge of energy that Jeff would regret.

Bev planted her feet on the ground and bucked upwards. She then suddenly let one drop and push with the other. This send Jeff rolling sideways and off of her. Bev scrambled to her feet and gave Jeff a kick to the gut, causing Jeff to let out a loud groan. The circle of bank employees were cheering Bev on. Jeff struggled to his hands and knees even though he was struggling to catch his breath after Bev had knocked the wind out of him.

Bev got behind him wrapped her powerful legs around his neck He tried to sit up but was too out of it. Bev rode him to the ground and was sitting on his back but with the scissors tightly applied. Jeff tried to pry her legs off but it wasn’t working. His face soon began to turn a bright red. He was making gurgling sounds but this only inspired Bev. The crowd was rooting Bev on. Some were shouting the “finish him! finish him!”.

Bev knew he was about to pass out. She let go of his head with her legs and his face flopped to the ground. Bev flipped Jeff over and sat down hard on his chest. She pinned his arms with her knees and grabbed him by the face and made sure he was looking right at him. She warned Jeff, “Look what happened to you. You couldn’t take me standing up and you couldn’t wrestle me on the ground. If you ever talk shit to me again, I will take out here again and it will ten times worse for you!”

There was a rousing and enthusiastic cheer from the crowd. They knew things would be much different from now on.