catfight story - college catfight in jeans

Jeans Catfight story

Sarah and Janet just did not like each other. Ever since the start of the semester, the two often clashed with catty remarks. Several times they almost came to blows but stopped since fighting resulted in swift disciplinary action in the dorms. It built and built.

Sarah went to get her laundry and found it laying all over the floor. Janet was standing there laughing and said, "you should’ve been here on time to remove it so I did it for you". Sarah told her, "there are plenty of dryers left, you could’ve taken any of them!". Janet smirked, "but you had my favorite one".

Sarah said, “you are lucky we're in the dorm otherwise I'd kick your ass”. Janet stood in her face and sneered, "I'd knock you senseless… why don't we go outside then”. Sarah figured she’d call the brunette’s bluff as she was 7 inches taller and 30lbs heavier. Plus there was a crowd around. Janet said, "fine then bitch… lets go".

They headed outside with a small crowd following. Sarah knew Janet was in pretty good shape from skating practice but though she'd back down. Both stood in the snowy, ice coated alley behind the dorm. Janet was laughing to the crowd and then lunged at Sarah with a surprise punch to the jaw. This sent Sarah reeling. Janet followed up with a flurry of punches to the stomach.

Sarah fought through them and got Janet in a headlock. The ground was quite slippery and she got Janet to the ground. Janet was on her back and Sarah tried to punch at her face. Janet got a leg up to block the punches and twisted away. She quickly got to her knees and grabbed Sarah in a headlock. Both girls were punching away but Janet was landing more blows.

Sarah tried to stand up but Janet pulled her backward causing her to land on her back in slush. Janet then sat down heavily on Sarah's belly and grabbed at her arms. Sarah knew she had to keep her arms free. Janet instead decided to rain punches down from her dominant position. Sarah tried to buck her off but her boots would slip on the ice when she'd plant her feet. Janet was also quite agile and good at distributing her weight.

Realizing she couldn't buck the smaller girl off of her, Sarah went back to trying to protect her face. But Janet got control of her arms and pinned them with her knees. Sarah was solidly pinned and knew she was in trouble. Janet wanted to teach the bigger girl a good lesson and leave a mark for everybody to see. Janet kneeled up for leverage and then she gave Sarah a hard shot to the nose and three to the eye, then sat back down hard onto the blonde's belly. Sitting upright with her hands on her hips, Janet starred down looking at Sarah's face.

Sarah couldn’t believe her predicament… laying there in the slush with the smaller girl sitting on her stomach. With her hands now free, she wiped her nose but did not bother to fight back at this point. She told Janet, "ok... I give... you won... now get off me." Janet looked down at her and laughed, "I just want to watch your eye and make sure my work is done here". Janet continued sitting on the belly of her beaten foe as the crowd looked on. She could see Sarah's eye starting to turn into a shiner. Finally the RA came out and separated them.